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[VID] 100709 Level Up! on Music bank

Credits: theStylistz @ Youtube

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[VID] 100708 M!Countdown Level Up Perf

Source:  theStylitz @ Youtube

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[Lyrics] Level Up!

Hangul Lyrics

왜 날 두고 너 변하는 거야. 떠나는거니
왜 낯 뜨거워 찔리는 거야. 뭘보는거니
괜한 말로 너 뭐라는 거야. 떠보는거니
왜 넌 괴로워 피하는거야. 이별인거니

한 두번 오는 감기나 짧은 열병 같은 것
노력했어 됐어, 어느 누구나 작은 위기는 있어.
근데 miss miss 이번 우리 위기는 결코 심상치 않아
눈도 자꾸 피하고 날 속이려 해

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[VID] 100708 ZE:A 3rd Single “Level Up” MV Teaser 2

VIDEO CREDIT: iroyal9subbs @ Youtube

[PHOTOS]100707 LEVEL UP Photos

[AUDIO] 100707 ZE:A’s 3rd single Level Up

ZE:A is clearly unstoppable this year. Debuting last January, they have already captured the hearts of thousands of fans in Korea and overseas with only two mini albums and several performances. Continue reading

[VID] 100707 ZE:A 3rd Single “Level Up” MV Teaser

It is finally out!!!!! ZE:A’s 3rd Single “Level Up” MV teaser is out and uploaded onto our Youtube Channel.

Here it is: