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[VID] Ukiss Kevin Vs. ZE:A Kevin with dorky KwangHee

credit: UkissAngelKevin


[PHOTO] ZE:A Backstage @ Mnet Countdown

[ME2DAY] 100708 ZE:A Backstage @ Mnet Countdown


제국의아이들 엠카운트다운 컴백 대기실 현재상황 🙂 희철이는 음악듣는중!!


ZE:A currently waiting backstage at Mnet Countdown 🙂 while Heechul listens to music!!

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[ME2DAY] 100707 Final Album Jacket Photos

[ME2DAY] 100616 Kwanghee

안녕하세요 광희예요 ㅋ 새앨범 들고 꼭 돌아오께요 그때까지 미투데이랑 요즘에서 인사해요ㅠ 컴백!!!!

[NEWS] Hot!Debut Diary- Kwanghee

With a great energy, ZE:A’s KwangHee begins his interview enthusiastically. The boy who wants to be just like 2AM’s Jokwon on variety shows, has the ability to turn an awkward atmosphere into a peaceful one as he begins speaking.

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[VAR] ZE:A and U-Kiss dance to CCBB on Star King

OMG OMG OMG dongjoon pumping was amazing…i’m just saying *pervert mind* heehee. and Kwanghee’s sexy wave is so natural. You know that was not the first time he has done that lol. omo omo *nosebleed* Kwanghee and Dongjoon sexy wave is FOR THE WIN. *grab* Dongjoon is definitely mine heehee *running around forum with Dongjoon*

Credits: krfreakz

Scavenger: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9