[PHOTO] ZE:A Backstage @ Mnet Countdown


[ME2DAY] 100708 ZE:A Backstage @ Mnet Countdown


제국의아이들 엠카운트다운 컴백 대기실 현재상황 🙂 희철이는 음악듣는중!!


ZE:A currently waiting backstage at Mnet Countdown 🙂 while Heechul listens to music!!

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[VID] 100708 ZE:A 3rd Single “Level Up” MV Teaser 2

VIDEO CREDIT: iroyal9subbs @ Youtube

[PHOTOS]100707 LEVEL UP Photos

[AUDIO] 100707 ZE:A’s 3rd single Level Up

ZE:A is clearly unstoppable this year. Debuting last January, they have already captured the hearts of thousands of fans in Korea and overseas with only two mini albums and several performances. Continue reading

[ME2DAY] 100707 Final Album Jacket Photos

[ME2DAY] 100707 Teaser Release


제국의아이들 티져/티저 영상이 드디어 공개되었습니다. 다음,네이버에서 제국의아이들 티져를 실시간 검색어에 올려봅시다 @연자띠


ZE:A’s teaser and album jacket photos have finally been released. Check out Naver next for the full music video.