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[VID] Ukiss Kevin Vs. ZE:A Kevin with dorky KwangHee

credit: UkissAngelKevin


[VID] 100709 Level Up! on Music bank

Credits: theStylistz @ Youtube

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[VID] 100708 M!Countdown Level Up Perf

Source:  theStylitz @ Youtube

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[VID] 100708 ZE:A 3rd Single “Level Up” MV Teaser 2

VIDEO CREDIT: iroyal9subbs @ Youtube

[VID] 100707 ZE:A 3rd Single “Level Up” MV Teaser

It is finally out!!!!! ZE:A’s 3rd Single “Level Up” MV teaser is out and uploaded onto our Youtube Channel.

Here it is:

[VID] 100522 ZE:A @ Dream Concert

[CLIP] 100522 ZE:A Arriving @ Dream Concert

[FANCAM]100522 Dongjoon+Hyungsik+Heechul @ DREAM CONCERT

[FANCAM] 100522 ZE:A Man2Man, R2 & All Day Long Live @ Dream Concert (HD)

[CLIP] 100522 Hyungsik @ Dream Concert man2man

Credit: As Tagged In Video

[Fancam] 100522 ZE:A Dongjoon- Man2Man, R2 & All Day Long Live @ Dream Concert (HD)

Credit: As Tagged In Video

Reuploader & Scavenger: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

[VAR] Soohyun and Dongjun (ZE:A) too close

heeeheee i was yelling when i saw the title. “Dongjoonie-dongsaeng (he is only a few months younger lol) all you need is noona!!!” and “OMG OMG OMG” lol fangirl yell

it was so 0_0

i won’t spoil it but all I gotta say is that they need to keep it up lol *nosebleed*

CREDIT: krfreakz
SCAVENGER: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9