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[DISC] 100629 ZE:A’s 3rd Minialbum Concept Released

Through Star Empire’s me2day account, we are now able to see the new concept that ZE:A will be sporting for their next album. It was posted on their me2day account that ZE:A will be making a comeback on July 8!!!

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[NEWS] ZE:A Hot Debut Diary- Minwoo

Ha MinWoo,20 (Korean age), is now known as Child of Empire’s own dancing machine. As a young boy from the small town of Yongsan, it seemed like his hope of becoming a singer was only a distant dream.

Asiae met with Minwoo on a beautiful afternoon. With a friendly ‘hello’, Minwoo took a seat and began telling his story. “[i]Since I was a kid, becoming a singer was my only dream[/i].”

When asked to tell more about his childhood, Minwoo began speaking about his childhood dreams. He explained that talking about his childhood was synonymous with talking about his dreams. “At a young age before most kids, I was sure about my goals and I worked harder than others.”

MinWoo was born in a place not far from Busan, in Yongsan south of Kyungsan-do. He was good at sports in elementary school and stood out among the others in terms of natural talent. It was during his 8th grade that he was made gym captain and hogged all of the gym teacher’s attention.

“Whenever there was a talent show, I always gathered some friends and went in front of the whole school to show our talents. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, watching our classmates dance from below the stage while waiting impatiently for our turn.”

For Minwoo, it was easy to make friends with his energetic personality. Some of his happiest memories from his childhood were from times when he would get together with his friends and practice for an upcoming talent show. “Because I lived in the country, I was always concerned how anyone from here could become a singer. For that reason I began having second thoughts about my dreams.”

It was then that he put his dreams aside when he began playing in a soccer team. However, his hopes and ambitions just kept coming back to him. “Starting in the 8th grade, I attended an after school music program. After starting high school I thought to myself, ‘Since I’m getting vocal lessons after school, I should also learn how to dance’, so I registered at a dance club at school.”

After going out to dance clubs with his friends, he began exploring his natural talent for dancing, experimenting with different styles. It was then that he felt confident and ambitious enough to register at a dance school in Busan. “During high school I attended dance and vocal school, I diligently went to both places everyday without a day to rest. I didn’t even shy away from the hour and a half it took to get to Busan.”

Everyday he would make that trip, coming up to 3 hours round trip. By the time he got home, it would already be the next day, and he would get only 3-4 hours of sleep due to the early school start. As tiring as the schedule was, Minwoo never once complained. Because he was learning how to dance, he was one step closer to living his dream and it made him happy.

“While attending the dance school I made a dance team called ‘SMJ’ and was the team leader. Through school we performed at recitals, events, and school festivals. I think that was a great experience.” As videos of his performances spread through the internet, it was so popular that it was on the main page of the portal site. It was then that Minwoo started gaining popularity.

Thanks to the online video that was spread all over, he received a life altering phone call. That was the start of Minwoo’s idol career as a part of Children of Empire.

source/translation: Julez@KpopLive

It was 2 a.m. , suddenly there was in incoming call from Ze:A’s leader, Moon JunYoung.He saw MinWoo dance by accident. He immediately called him.

“At 2 a.m. , someone suddenly called me and told me to sing. Since it was late, I can’t sing on the phone. The next day after the audition, I became a trainee. It was a big chance for me, and I’ll always be thankful to JunYoung-hyung”.

When we asked,”You’ve practiced so hard, we heard that you’ve been to many auditions before?” he nodded his head.

“Of course. The company which I thought matched my music style the most was JYP. I auditioned there because I really wanted to join them. I felt despair every time I failed, but I practiced without losing hope. Actually when JunYoung-hyung called me, I was waiting for a call from JYP”.

Hearing this, JunYoung said jokingly,”It’s a good time I called him that time. It was a bad timing, but I felt that I have to call him. If I didn’t, he would’ve been one of 2PM’s member”.

We asked whether JYP accepted him or not, he shyly smiled. “I failed my first audition when they accepted Wooyoung-hyung instead of me. Then someone from JYP said they’re interested in me. I went to a closed audition and received a notification of acceptance”.

He passed Star Empire audition but he was still thinking about JYP, about whether he should stay at Star Empire or not.

“Actually, I was worried. JYP was a place I wanted to go to. It wasn’t easy to give it up. But since other members were there for me, and we worked hard together, so I stayed loyal and chose them”.

MinWoo doesn’t regret his decision. He practiced hard, until their debut day.

“While being a trainee, I became a back-up-dancer for V.O.S. It was a good experience at a young age. I felt the happiness for being on stage. One more step ahead to my dream, it was  a feeling I can’t express.

“V.O.S seniors gave me so many positive words. That time I couldn’t really understand it,but after my debut I finally understood what it meant. All of them were a great help”.

All the hard work paid off. We can say this place is teh best for MinWoo.

“I want to be an excellent singer for the sake of my family and members, who made activities with Ze:A possible. I will work even harder to bring up my name to the whole country with my talent (laugh)”.

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[NEWS] ZE:A Hot! Debut Diary- Dongjoon

[Hot Debut Diary] ZE:A Dongjoon “Born with talent, never missed 1st place”

“Hello. I’m ZE:A’s (Children of Empire’s) Dongjoon.”

First runner of ZE:A’s Hot Debut Diary interview is Maknae Kim Dongjoon. Somewhat shy at first, he than cheerfully began to tell us his story.

Because he was born the youngest male among two boys in his family, Dongjoon grew receiving much love. “My blood type is B, so I’m suppose to be frightening and sometimes cold.” However in the eyes of the reporter, Dongjoon is just a bubbly and mischievous younger brother.

“As a kid, I loved running around, running until my heel couldn’t touch the ground anymore” (laughs)

He could sum up his childhood in one sentence: “My parents sent me to an art school but I love running around and playing instead of sitting, which caused me to cause a fuss. Haha. Do you know how much it was? I said that I would buy birthday presents for my brother but I went out and played all day long instead. I was to play so I lied. When I think of my mother’s anger from that day, I still laugh.”

This innocent boy dreamed of becoming an athlete after graduating elementary school. With the recommendation and encouragement of this 1st grade homeroom teacher, he started running.

“But my parents’ opposition was too big. My mother was an athlete in school. She opposed my choice because she knew how hard it was. Since I’m her child, I have running skills in my blood. Throughout elementary school, I have never missed first place in games” (laughs)

After that, he received many recommendations to become an athlete. However, due to the much opposition, he was forced to release that dream.

“I was good at running, but I loved soccer the most. I found a soccer club in my middle school’s extracurricular activities. I went out to compete and won, so I really enjoyed it. In fact, I liked soccer and I hated losing because that is my personality. So I practiced very hard without sleeping.”

Dongjoon, whose skin started to turn black because of soccer, started to like music at that time.

“It’s very boring practicing alone you know. So I practiced while listening to my mp3 player. But do you know what is funny? My friend and teachers said that the way that I played soccer is kind of the same as the rhythm of dancing. That was when I really hardly knew anything about dance.” (laughs)

Dongjoon talked about his middle school like a child, however he spoke seriously about high school. “I really studied hard in high school so that I could climb to the top. My hometown is in Busan, right? Our personalities are usually manly and we like to be pull ourselves to the front like real men, that is why I studied really hard, thinking and worrying about my future.”

Young and fresh Dongjoon was worried about his future job and he was determined to become a soldier in the military.

SOURCE: Asiae- Part 1
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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[NEWS] 100509 ZE:A’s Hot! Debut Diary-ZE:A exists because of Moon Jun Young

How do popular TV and music stars become celebrities? What are the first steps into the entertainment industry taken by people who want to become famous? The public is interested not only in the success stories of public figures or celebrities but also the growth process that they endured. Asian Economic News “Star Hot Debut Diary Corner” is a series about new stars’ hot diaries about their pre-debut days and preparation to becoming the stars that they are today. The 9-member group, ZE:A (Children of Empire), who celebrated their 100th days after debut on April 24th, revealed their secrets.

Recently a hot topic of cable channel broadcasts and after a collection of events, the 9-member rookie group ZE:A did not look so spectacular in the days of their debut, already celebrated their 100th day after debut.

With their second mini album, they are looking for change and development. ZE:A’s current track, “All Day Long,” tells a story about new hopes for their dreams.

On that day, it was pouring heavily outside. From the inside of the Star Empire office, located in Mapo Hapjundong, the mighty battle cry of the nine member group ZE:A could be heard. “Hi! We’re Children of Empire!” They gave a loud greeting and the interview began. It began with a little awkwardness; however that quickly transformed into brightness due to their cheerful personalities.

Unlike the colorful and refined performances on stage appearances, today, ZE:A showed their innocence and let their stories unfold.

The nine joked around like kids, unknowingly, each one showing their charm and appealing to our hearts.

Moon Jun Young, leader of ZE:A, declares, “How should we explain how ZE:A first created?”

Jun Young began his story about the moment when they first met. “I believe we are uniquely fated to meet, like destiny. I first met Kwanghee at a uniform model meeting, and we became friends. At that time I was a trainee in another company. I left that company to joined Star Empire as a trainee with Kwanghee and Taehun. It was the opening of a new beginning.”

Minwoo and maknae Dongjoon opened their mouths, responding “Junyoung hyung was the one who chose me. He saw my UCC dancing video and called me at 2AM. He said ‘I like your dancing image,’ and told me to sing a song. It was in the quiet morning and my whole family was sleeping, so I couldn’t sing. The following day I went to the audition and passed it.”

“Minwoo wasn’t the only one. Kevin hyung came back from Australia and Kwanghee hyung was brought back to the company, all thanks to Junyoung hyung. We all had strength to actually debut because Junyoung hyung. ZE:A exists because of him” (smiles and laughs)

All of the members have faith in Junyoung and regard him as the “heart of ZE:A.”

Junyoung lead the member before and after their debut, in joyous times and hardships, he has always been the strong support system for the other members. When the other members talked about Junyoung, their eyes filled with pride and affection.

Junyoung went back to talking about those days again. “Since our boss was not interested in creating an idol group, we didn’t know when we were to going to debut, whether as a group or solo.”

Because Junyoung gathered all the members and they might have a chance of debuting, they were positive about their expectations.

“Like dancer Minwoo, I call Kevin our ‘Foreign Vocal.’ I made my first international call to Australia, and persuaded him to come to Korea. At the time, I thought Kevin couldn’t or wouldn’t return to Korea. Then one day, when I was eating with the other members on the first floor (of Star Empire), Kevin walked in, saying ‘Hello.’ It was like a dream, the tears just fell down.”

Hyungsik recalls Kevin from that time: “Kevin hyung is really cool, tells funny jokes and speaks Korean well., but at first we thought he was like a person from rural Australia. Back then Dongjoon and I never saw Kevin hyung, but we had this illusion about him as ‘Kevin is from Australia and sings well.’ Junyoung hyung was so happy to see him that he cried. We wanted to become just like this cool, legendary Kevin.”

Hyungsik joked about Kevin’s first impressions, how he thought Dongjoon was a Brazilian soccer player and how Heechul’s strong eyes caught his attention. The other members’ first impression immediately followed.

ZE:A spent from two to five years of their time as trainees. Finally, all nine members gathered. Altogether they said, “If we live or die, we worked extremely hard.”

TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9


[NEWS] 100519 ZE:A To Walk In Fashion Show

ZE:A (Children of Empire) is to walk the runway as fashion models.

On May 20th in Busan, ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young and Park Hyungsik will partake in the opening stage of the Prêt-à-porter fashion show as models for the popular American brand Gerlan Jeans, designed by French designer Gerlan Marcel.

Not long after ZE:A debuted, they were recruited as models for the 2010-11 F/W Seoul Collection Designer Kwak Hyunjoo’s fashion show. They received many compliments as well balanced runway models, with a walk equal to that of professionals. With this current show, the reputation that they have built is expected to continue.

The last Seoul Collections’ sponsor, Kwak Hyunjoo was surprised after seeing Children of Empire walking the runway wearing the clothes in such a fine manner. “Park Hyungsik together with Moon Jun Young this time will display a confident walk as the models,” she stated positively.

Meanwhile, ZE:A will make a brilliant appearance in the 2010 Dream Concert on the 22nd of May and is expected to have a strong performance.

SOURCE: News.Nate
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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Check out Gerlan Jeans website: Gerlan Jeans Site

[NEWS] 100519 ZE:A ending “All Day Long” promotions at Dream Concert

It was revealed that ZE:A will be ending promotions for their All Day single album at the 2010 Dream Concert.

On May 22nd, the ZE:A boys will be taking to the stage and perform All Day and Man 2 Man.

This will be ZE:A’s debut at the annual concert extravaganza and they expressed, “We had a desire to do this before our debut so we’re really honored to be able to stand on the same stage with our sunbaes. It would be nice to end our promotions on this stage and we will work hard to put on a great performance.”

The 2010 Dream Concert will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium from 7pm on May 22nd and for those who are unable to go in person, there will be a delayed telecast on the afternoon of May 23rd through SBS.

SOURCE: GhostWriter @ Allkpop
SCAVENGER: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

[NEWS] 100515 ZE:A Recruited Models for Chicken CF

ZE:A Become Idols: Recruited as Chicken advertisement’s models!

Nine-member pop group ZE:A (Children of Empire)joined the ranks of popular idols after being appointed as the models of a chicken advertisement.

On May 13 ZE:A finished the last shooting for “Mom’s Chicken” CF in Han Studio, Kyeonggi-do. Being appointed as the advertisement model for chicken CFs is proof of popularity for idol groups, such as Girls’ Generation, 2AM, SHINee, Super Junior.

Mom’s Chicken representative stated, “This contract was made after seeing ZE:A active in the promotions for their debut album and the two singles from their second album and the different image they portrayed on music programs and variety shows.”

“Not long ago, there were photos uploaded onto a site of ZE:A eating chicken and playing games with each other. These images left a big impression on us and lead us to cast ZE:A as our exclusive models.”

In the meantime, ZE:A is still active, currently in the middle of promoting “All Day Long.”

SOURCE: Newsen
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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