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[AUDIO] 100707 ZE:A’s 3rd single Level Up

ZE:A is clearly unstoppable this year. Debuting last January, they have already captured the hearts of thousands of fans in Korea and overseas with only two mini albums and several performances. Continue reading


ZE:A releases R2 + All Day Long for repackaged single

Yep the new version of All Day Long is out is out for ZE:A’s repackaged single. Alot of groups seem to be doing that now, and really, fans do not mind at all.

The new version of All Day Long has an amazing hip hop and more of a pop feel to it that is definitely worth listening to. This can definitely be a song blasting in my car. Heck I’d dance to it at the club lol. I hope everyone will go out an buy the new repackage single cause I know I am lol.

Check it out:

[AUDIO] R2+All Day Long

I hope you guys enjoyed it cause I know I did.

YT Credit: XDDDD30

Scavenger Credit: pixie_noona91 @Royal 9