About Us

How did we come about a wordpress?

I, the founder of Royal 9, kadajs_angel wanted everyone to know how amazing ZE:A (Children of Empire) is. Since a lot of people are using wordpress or blogspot, we decided to make one as well ^^ So we can give information and downloads to everyone ^^

For the people who do not know Royal 9 forum: We are an international forum dedicated to the noble family we call ZE:A.

Who is ZE:A?

ZE:A is a KOREAN Boy Idol Group who work their butts off to make music that their fans would like. It is composed of 9 precious members. All of whom have their own specialty.

How can you learn more of ZE:A?

Go to our forum and sign up. Help our forum and love for ZE:A unite as well as grow healthy.

Stay active and get to know everyone around the forum. And make your mark of your meaning to the forum as a fan.

Go here: http://theroyal9.tk/ or http://cofempire.ipbfree.com/

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