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What is CHUSUBS?
CHUSUBS is a dedicated subbing community for ZE:A (mainly). They’re full name is: Children’s Heavenly United Subbing Squad…CHU (as in kiss) for short. But they also sub the following things but are not limited to:

– Ha Ha Mong Show and other Variety Shows
– ZE:A videos
– Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, MNeT Rookies
– Various Concerts
– Japanese Entertainment
– MVs (Japanese and Korean)

Right now, they are in need of korean to english translators, japanese to english translators, timers, editors, encoders, and uploaders. They also need subbing coordinators, tech admin, global moderators and moderators ^^ Please support CHUSubs. Hwaiting!
PS They also need graphic designers ^^


[News] In Hot Chili Papers

Although the boys of ZE:A have been real busy promoting their newest single, “Level Up,” throughout various countries in Asia, they were able to participate in a pictorial for popular Japanese magazine, HOT CHILI PAPER PLUS. Continue reading