[NEWS] 100706 ZE:A vs Julien Kang, A Showdown Between Teacher and Student

ZE:A (Children of Empire) confronts Julien Kang, handsome actor in MBC sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof,” while kickboxing.

To prepare for their new third single with an “overflowing racer” concept, ZE:A went through some high intensity Muay Thai and kickboxing training. While looking for a teacher, they sought the help of Julien Kang, which later blossomed into a friendship.

Trained by his older brother Dennis Kang, outstanding K1 fighter, Julien happily accepted their proposal. Distinguished in Muay Thai and kickboxing, Julien revealed the secrets of two forms of fighting style to ZE:A and even became their personal sparing partners.

ZE:A’s maknae Dongjoon said, “We believe and follow Julien-hyung. We wanted to learn kickboxing, so we personally asked hyung to teach us. For Julien-hyung to personally teach us Muay Thai and kickboxing and be our sparing partner, we are extremely grateful and happy.”

In the meantime, ZE:A will release their third single “Level Up” on July 8th on various online music sites and will also make their comeback stage on Mnet Countdown.

SOURCE: Chosun & EpochTimes

TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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