[FANFIC] Star Academy Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : A New Beginning

MinA’s POV

Finally I’ve arrived at New Star Academy! Gosh, even just by saying the school’s name makes me nervous. Well, I have to get used to it because I’ll be studying here from now onwards. Ah, what if the people here are snobbish and proud? What if they think I’m a loser? The only reason why this school accepted me was because of my one and only talent, singing, and judging from all the people around me, they seem to have much more talent than I do. Oh man, they’re making me nervous, maybe I should just go home.

I turned my direction around and quickly walk like as if I was in a mad rush. Suddenly, a guy with a big smile popped out in front of me, making me squeal a little. I almost bumped into him but luckily, I stopped in my tracks just in time.

“HI! Are you an albino? My name is Hwang Kwanghee, what’s yours?” He gave me a big, friendly smile and tried touching my platinum blonde hair. I’m hoping that he’s not one of those snobbish and proud people I imagined in my head. Well, he doesn’t seem like one but I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Umm, no… i’m not albino… I just bleached my hair… My name is.. MinA.” I etched a smile but I didn’t dare to make eye contact. Hastily, I tried walking pass him but he blocked my way before I could.

“Hey hey, where are you going? School is gonna start soon and that way is definitely not the way to school. Let me show you around!” He grabbed both my shoulders from behind and turned my body facing the school and started walking, forcing my legs to move along with his pushing.

“Oh ma gosh, we’re gonna have so much fun in school! I can’t wait to tell everyone that I got a new albino friend! Hehe.” This guy is starting to creep me out, from his elastic headband to his quirky smile, this guy is totally a weirdo! I better get out of here!!

“Umm.. Look! It’s an aeroplane!” I tried to trick him by diverting his attention away from me.

“So what? I’ve taken plenty of pictures of aeroplanes! I’ll show them to you later!” I guess that didn’t work.

“Umm.. Look! It’s a….” Before I could say anything further, there sitting right in front of us was the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. His smile was so enchanting and his skin, so flawless. He was playing an acoustic guitar while his friend was singing. Many students gathered around to admire their talent.

“Hello? Earth to MinA~ Why are we stopping out of a sudden?” Kwanghee waved his hand in front of my face after I gave him no respond. Then, he turned his head towards the direction I was staring at.

“Oh~ So you like them, huh?” He then put on a cheeky expression on his face and nudged my arm with his elbow repeatedly until I snapped out of my daydreaming.

“Who’s that guy..?” I asked Kwanghee, he seems to know a lot about this school and its students so I’m pretty sure he would know who that guy is right?

“Hmm, you mean Kevin? All the girls in our school go gaga over him. Not only that he has the looks, but he has a great body too. ..Oh, if only I had a body like him, then definitely all the girls would go gaga over me too.. But dreams are just dreams, reality is different and hard..” Then he made a body-building pose to show off his non-existing muscles. He was irritating but useful for now. At least I know that that cute guy over there is Kevin.

Suddenly, Kevin looked at me and smile. I blushed, of course. I just looked down on the ground while my face kept getting redder and redder every time I think of his smile. Gosh, everyone who knows me knows that I have the tendency to blush easily.

Minwoo’s POV

I took a deep breath with my eyes closed. Then i opened them and took a good look of my surroundings and the people around. It’s the first day of Year 3 in New Star – our last year. As usual, Kevin and I are hangin’ out before class starts. Kevin, with his mesmerizing voice, is serenading the girls while i’m playing my acoustic guitar to accompany his vocals, we’re like a combo.

Students, be it freshmen or seniors, had to stop and stare at us, specifically Kevin, since he’s so popular. It’s always Kevin and the guy who plays the guitar. Haiss, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just so in love with my guitar and the music i can make with it.

Suddenly, i noticed a blonde girl staring at me, her facial expression showing as if she’s really admiring me. Good, at least there’s someone here who notices me instead of Kevin. I looked up at her and smiled but she quickly looked down. Okay.. I didn’t meant to scare her, maybe i should just continue playing my guitar.

Minyoung’s POV

I’ve never felt so nervous in my life before. Well, who wouldn’t be if you were chosen to be in one of the most prestigious school of Arts in Korea, New Star Academy! Riding with my brother on his motorbike to school made it even more worse. He was speeding as if we were in a race so i had to hug him tightly by the waist while sitting at the backseat. I swore my heart nearly dropped out of my chest when he stopped his bike abruptly in the school’s parking lot.

“Oppa! Don’t you ever do that again! Do you want me to live a shorter life?!” I smacked him playfully on his arm.

“Okay okay, mian.” Minhyuk apologized.

“Oppa, since you’ve been in this school for about two year already, would you show me around? We still have some time before the bell rings.” I looked my at wrist watch which showed 8.40am

“Sure, but let’s wait for my friends first. Okay?” He pat my head gently as i began to pout.

Minhyuk’s friends, Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Jungshin arrived a few minutes after us.

I used to have a crush on Yonghwa but i’ve long given up on him when he showed no interest in me and only regarded me as his dongsaeng. He still treats me really well though.

“Minyoungie, annyeong! Glad you made it here. Need any help just approach me okay!” Yonghwa greeted me with a huge smile spread across his face while messing up my hair slightly.

“Haha okay, i’ll just keep on bugging you until you freak out every time you see me approaching you. Okay?” I joked, making him chuckle a little.

Then, they gave me a tour around the school. Woah! This school is huge! I think i’ll need a map in order for me to get around. We walked pass the basketball court and oh my goodness, that boy on the court who’d just scored, is so hot! I can’t help it but to stop and stare at his charming face. His features are absolutely perfect! He saw me staring at him and gave me a wink. Wait, did he just wink at me?! I’m in heaven~ But not for long when suddenly, Minhyuk snapped me out of my gaze.

“What’s with the halt? Whatcha lookin’ at?” Minhyuk followed my gaze. “Oh.. you’re looking at that guy huh? He‘s Heechul.”

I blushed and quickly looked down to hide my face before either one of them starts to tease me.

“Listen, Minyoung. Don’t ever get fooled by a guy like him just because of his looks. Looks can be deceiving, alright?” Minhyuk spoke in a serious tone as he placed his arm on my shoulder.

“Wae..?” I asked, my attention still on Heechul.

“He’s a playboy. Girl after girl and so on. He’s never serious about any one of them. He just wants to play around with their hearts and in the end, he breaks them.” Minhyuk explained. “Arasso?”

I nodded. But deep inside, I was still captivated by his charming looks and that unforgettable wink that he gave me.

Seulmi’s POV

Darn it! I’m late! Wait, why am i panicking? Oh right, today’s my first day of high school in New Star Academy – the so-called most famous Arts School in Korea where only people with talents are allowed to enroll. I got in here due to my potential skills in acting and also with the help of my junior high teacher. Urgh, i should have set my alarm clock earlier since i’m always late for school. Babo. Now i’m running like a person being chased by a crazy bull.


Phew, luckily i managed to arrive 20 minutes earlier before school started. Glad i was a good runner in my previous school. Hehe. I stopped to take a break, allowing my heart to stop pounding so much, and took my handphone out to text my two besties – who manage to get enrolled here as well! – to see if they had already arrived. I was too engrossed in texting them that i didn’t realize a basketball was flying my way. *POING!~* I was knocked down and fell to the hard ground with a thud.

“Ouch!” I yelled in pain, furious with the person who had just thrown the ball in my direction, causing it to hit me on the head.

My eyes were still adjusting to the new scenery, every ones feet when I heard the sudden footsteps of someone approaching me. “Are you okay? I’m really so sorry!”

I opened my eyes and there squatting in front of me was an angel. Okay, i was just exaggerating. There squatting in front of me was the most good-looking guy that i’ve ever seen in my entire life! Well at least, in my life so far. I closed my eyes again when i started to feel the stinging impact of the ball on my head. Tears started forming in my eyes and trickled down my cheeks.

“What a cry baby.” One of his friends spoke in an intimidating tone.

“Aish! I’m crying not because i’m a cry baby but because it hurts like crazy you fool!” I retorted at his remark.

What luck! First, i woke up late and now i had to deal with this throbbing pain in my head. Can this day get any worse? It can’t possibly!

Just before i was ready to get on my feet and walk away from the bunch of people that was already crowding over me, i felt a hand grabbing mine and pulling me somewhere.

“Here, let me help you.” A guy with black hair pulled me. Who is this guy?


“Are you feeling better?” He looked at me with sparkling eyes, is this guy for real?

“Yep, much better. Thanks,” I smiled up to the guy who had just helped me.

Wow! I can’t believe that someone as handsome as he is would lend me a helping hand. Well, i mean i’ve always had that perspective that all good looking guys are self-centered.

“No problem. I’m Siwan and you’re… Seul..Mi… Here!”He tilted his head, trying to read my name tag as he handed me a cup of milo.

“Thanks. Just call me Mimi.”

“So.. Mimi, 1st year?”

“Yea, you?”

“Same here! Class 1A?”

“YEA!~” I answered too excitedly to notice the surroundings.

“Great! Let’s go to class together! Kay?”

“Okays!” I replied, and took out my phone once again to text MinA and Minyoung that I wouldn’t be able to meet up with them.

Woohoo~ I just made a new friend!

To be continued..

Credits: Fam @ Royal 9

Thanks fam XD keep up the good work ^^


    • Iguana_Guava
    • July 5th, 2010

    Nice! CONTINUE!Hahax Heechul! Playboy? I hope he’s not one of da villain.. Hope he doesn’t break Minyoung heart! Minhyuk is soo protective!!! ❤ Lolz Kwanghee says Minhyuk's name is Kevin.. Oh uh! I can't 4 da next 1! Hope u can update faster!

    • Kim Haz Qa
    • September 5th, 2010

    Are the girls from Girls’ Day? Pali update your fan fics ara! Can’t wait what’ll happen next…

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