[NEWS]100630 Lunatic Musical Conference

V.O.S Kim Kyung Rok – ZE:A Jung Hee Chul are turning from singers to actors in the upcoming musical called “Lunatic Dreams”.

Kim Kyung Rok from V.O.S and Jung Hee Chul from Children of Empire aka ZE:A will show off their musical abilities in this debut musical performance.

On June 30th, the Star Empire Agency said “The press conference for the musical will be on July 6th at 2pm at the Mapo Hall Arts Center and Kim Kyung Rok and Jung Hee Chul will be attending the event.” Kim Kyung Rok and Jung Hee Chul have been cast as the protagonist at Najebi Station.

Synopsis: A patient, who needs treatment, is suffering from a mental illness and the only way to cure them was to bring in a good doctor with a excessive creepy smile.

The musical called Lunatic is fun, creative, impressive and it will cause excessive laughter. This musical will do quite well with over 800,000 anticipated viewers and tickets sold.

While an encore performance is planned for the 15th, the musical Lunatic has left the biggest impression within the last 7 years in musical history. Even members of the audience leave with great thoughts, completely astonished by the performance; the Lunatic Dream Team “exult the summer crowd.”

Within the past 95 – 98 years of Interpark Musical Industry, the audience have ranked ‘Lunatic’ and the theater cast aka the ‘Lunatic Dream Team’, number 1 and it is coming to you from July 16th to September 5th at Mapo Hall Arts Center.

Source: Newsen
Translations: kadajs_angel @ Royal 9
Editor & Scavenger: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9


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