[NEWS] 100701 Famous Composer teams up with ZE:A

ZE:A (Children of Empire) teams up with famous composer Park Geun Tae, known in the music industry for this hit songs, for their third album.

Famous composer Park Geun Tae has spotted the potential that ZE:A has since their debut. As a rookie group  having debuted last January in Korea, ZE:A has received a lot of attention through their many activities, gaining the support of many fans. Despite being a rookie idol group, they have received the love of many fans overseas from their foreign country activities.

Park Geun Tae stated without hesitation, “I’ve been following ZE:A and spotted their potential since their debut with ‘Mazeltov.’ I can see that they have the ability to grow into top musical stars in Asia.” Geun Tae wrote the title song to the third album.

He continued to admire the group: “I see infinite possibilities with each member of ZE:A. They have the right skills and capabilities to do well and to become top Asian idols, will not be a problem for them. They are greatly talented, Siwan with his amazing sense of fashion and the concept he helped brainstorm for the album and Minwoo with his great dancing skills.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A will be releasing the third single online through various music sites on the 8th of July.

SOURCE: Chosun

TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9
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