[NEWS] 100630 Siwan Becomes ZE:A’s Visual Designer

ZE:A’s Siwan turns into their new albums visual director.

A representative from Star Empire agency states on the 30th, “Siwan became the visual director, continuously attending meetings to think up new concepts and styles for their wardrobe. He has become their stylists, meeting up with a group of men and presenting concept sketches to raise the quality of the album.”

Siwan has already made a statement among the group as for having a unique sense of style. He took the freedom to mix and match clothes for the new album concept, turning ZE:A into the next generation of fashionistas and generating attention to the new album.

For the album concept, Siwan presented a scrapbook album that he has had for the past few years in which he saved a fashion collection. In it ranges clothes from various fashion designers that he showed during the brainstorming process for the new album’s concept. The staff was astonished and admired his dedication and hard effort.

“Siwan shows a lot of interest in fashion. He subscribes to various national and international fashion magazines and is constantly studying to find a new look,” says an agency official.

He continued to admire the singer by stating, “Siwan studies everywhere he goes. From the waiting room or in a moving vehicle on their way to a scheduled event, he would steadily cut out clippings from magazines and takes care to pay attention to the design and color mix for the concept for this album. He was really worried about coming up with a look”

“It is really rare to have a concept like this, but Kevin was watching “Fast and Furious” which helped give inspiration to the Siwan. With Kevin’s help, they were able to find the racing look as the concept for the new album.” The official revealed his passion for the new album.

ZE:A is geared to releasing a new album on the 8th of July through various media sites and Siwan will be debuting as a visual designer.

SOURCE: Newsen and Naver
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9
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