[NEWS] 100616 ZE:A Love Triangle???

Earlier we reported that ZE:A’s Kim Dong Joon would appear on Mnet Scandal and more details have been released. ZE:A’s Moon Joon Young and Dong Joon were reportedly seen clashing in a triangle love line as they were filming for Mnet Scandal, a show well known for pairing star celebrities on dates with a non-celebrity.

Amongst the ZE:A team members, leader Joon Young and maknae Dong Joon share a close relationship. On the recent filming of the Mnet Scandal episode this relationship was put to the test as both were pitted against one another in a competitive date for the girl. With this intriguing battle, word has already spread amongst the fans and they’re quite excited to watch this episode.

Joon Young was spotted on set at a park, he was neatly placing breakfast items, which he had personally prepared. Seems like he was planning a nice breakfast picnic. On the other hand, Dong Joon took the girlfriend out on a date to Myung Dong where he bent down on his knees and offered to put the shoes on the girl’s feet (Cinderella).

The two boys’ attempts in grasping the heart of the girl; who will win out? We’ll just have to wait for this episode to broadcast. In the mean time, check out some of the photos from the upcoming episode below.

See Article and more pictures @ AllKpop

Source: Allkpop

Reuploader: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9
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