[NEWS] 100614 Heechul to be in musical

V.O.S. member Kim Kyung Rok and ZE:A member Jung Heechul will be taking on a musical challenge.

Their agency star empire said on the 14th, “Kim Kyung Rok and Jung Heechul will be part of a creative musical ‘Lunatic’ and has been casted on the team”.

the musical “Lunatic” was directed and staged my comedian turned director Baek Jae Hyun back in 2004 almost seven years ago in the making. The musical will be shown from July 16 to September 5 at Mapo Hall Arts Center.

The cast involves Kim Seong Yeong, So Chan Whee, Kim Cheol Gi who are veteran musical actors and singers, Kim Kyung Rok and Jung Heechul will be joining in the cast. Both of them are rookie’s in this area and they will be working with seniors for the musical.

Kim Kyung Rok has lost 10kg for this musical and has transformed greatly in preparation for the musical. Director Baek Jae Hyun has complimented Kyung Rok for his determination and commitment for the musical. This is Jung Heechul’s first time in the musical field and he has been practicing and learning a lot from the seniors in the cast.

The director commented that “Jung Heechul has a charm no woman in this world will be able to refuse” he praised on the charisma Heechul has on stage.

Meanwhile, the musical is co-organized by SBS and the musical will be progressing from July 16 to September 5 in Mapo Hall Arts Center.


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