[NEWS] ZE:A Hot Debut Diary Taehun

Asiae met up with ZE:A’s own TaeHun, who is known for his ‘tough guy’ rapper personality. While fans of ZE:A are used to seeing his charismatic roughness on stage, it was surprising to meet the real person off-stage with a naturally-shy and boyish personality.

“As a triple A [blood type], I’m naturally very timid. I was just as timid as a child, but the one thing I really loved was playing sports.” Whether it was baseball, soccer, running, pog, or even spinning tops, he knew all the games that mischievous boys usually played. Eventually he got so good at playing pog that everyone in his town knew him by his nickname, ’slap matching Kim TaeHun’.

“When I was young, I wasn’t that good in school, I was just a kid that liked to play around. I think I was only popular among my friends because I looked like a movie character.” When Taehun mentioned that he resembled a movie character, this reporter immediately saw the resemblance. With his gentle eyes, face full of mischief, young Taehun looked very similar to Macaulay Culkin in his role as ‘Kevin’ from Home Alone.

Taehun burst out laughing when he was asked if the person he had resembled was Macaulay Culkin.

“When I was young, “Home Alone” was very popular. My friends told me I looked like Macaulay Culkin a lot. Thanks to him, my school life was fun.” Taehun’s mischievous character was written all over his face as he talked about his school life.

“Ever since I was young, you couldn’t talk [about sports] without counting me in. When it was sports day, I was like a fish in water when I ran around playing.” Taehun’s childhood dream was to become a bodyguard so he could protect people. In a strange way, imagining Taehun as a bodyguard with a well-fitted black suit and dark sunglasses seems to fit him. “One day I came home crying after getting beat up by a neighbor and from that day forward, my mom sent me to learn hapkido. Starting with a white belt, I steadily earned my second-degree black belt. I still know how to handle the wooden sword and nunchucks.”

His fellow ZE:A members tell us that Taehun is the most considerate out of all of them. When another member is sick, he’s the one that brings soup and medicine to help them feel better. Taehun was also picked #1 as having the best manners.“I injured my hip while playing sports. That’s why I had to give up my dream as a bodyguard. Even though I didn’t get to become a bodyguard, I’m still very happy to have become a singer (laughs)”.

TaeHun has been unanimously picked from all of the ZE:A members as the one who takes most care for their body. The reason for picking TaeHun? “His strict diet!“, they all said in unison.

“I gain weight even when I just drink water. That’s why I can never let my guard down.” Taehun grimly revealed the reason for dieting. “Truthfully, I lost 9kg(~20lbs) in the past by working out constantly. If I have any free time, I spend it running on the treadmill. If one of the members is looking for me, the first place they look is the gym(laughs).”

Even though he says it with a carefree air, losing 9kg isn’t something that can be achieved easily. When this reporter asked him about his weight loss secret, he openly told me about his daily diet activities.

“Like any other person, I diet and workout at the same time. I try not to eat after 7pm. I eat chicken breasts almost religiously. Though after doing this for some time, I really can’t stand the smell of chicken.”

These days, it’s not just the actors who have to have new looks for the screen, but singers as well. Asiae asked him if he had encountered any difficulties while trying to lose weight.

“I actually really like ramen. After starting my diet, I made myself give up all flour based products. I’m pretty stubborn, huh? (laughs)”.

The reason for being so intent on losing weight?

I learned the importance of dieting early on. When you look at me[in person], I don’t look bloated, but on the screen I looked very bloated. After I saw myself on screen I was really surprised. I thought it was the right thing to do so that I could show a better image of myself to everyone. After that point, I naturally started dieting with a great effort.

“We can’t really tell the difference from before and after the weight loss, you’re not really the chubby type.” Asiae commented. “A lot of people tell me that, but I can see differences, like my jawline has definitely become more defined and sharp.”

Taehun shook his head ‘no’ when he was asked if he had the so-called ‘chocolate abs’ or a 6 pack. em>”I’m really far from a 6 pack.” He admitted. “[My junior] DongJoon has a 6 pack and it’s crazy. I’m really envious of his 6 pack, I still have to work very hard.”

Taehun, who wants to work harder and show a better image to everyone, was asked about his future wishes. “I want to be together with the members, who are like my family. Everyday I fall asleep with them, wake up to them, spend 24 hours a day together…I want to do this for a long time under the name Child of Empire (laughs)”.

Credit:Julez @ Kpop Live.com

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