[NEWS] ZE:A Hot Debut Diary Siwan

When Ze:A is together,there’s someone who tells the story about himself in an exceptionally eye-catching-way. A member who’s quietly sitting,listening to our stories. Our main guy,Siwan,who reveals his own story.

“I was someone who had  a gentle personality. I studied hard on my own,and of course, I was a typical student (laughs)”.

We asked Siwan,who looks more matured than his age about his childhood.
Even if we didn’t hear ‘Ze:A’s Brain’,we could easily agree. We could believe it,seeing his shy smile & matured attitude.

“From an early age I was a little stubborn. I wish I was going to pull this kind of character that looks like my mom’s”. He had a silent personality but he’s been the leader-type since he was young. We asked what’s his favorite thing & he answered ‘violin’.

“I immerse myself into playing the violin. I have handled an electronic violin too. Looking at it again makes me reminded how fun it was.”

“In fact, since the 6th grade of elementary school until one year I’ve learned the violin. I forgot many things now, but I can still remember a little. Since I’ve been playing it since I was little,I love listening to instrumental songs. I’m a little greedy,I want to learn violin more so that I can show to my fans (laugh)”.

Listening to his story,he’s not only a well-mannered-boy but he was also curious about pop songs. He couldn’t hide his curiousness & had a vague dream of becoming a singer.

“Actually, since middle school sing a 2 year, I startedto dream about being a singer. I like to listen to music, & singing to it. I wasn’t sure if I can do this, but I wasn’t scared to dream about it.It was a turning point in my life. It was on my first year of high school. ”

It became a turning point for Siwan who was on the first year of Mechanical Engineering at Busan National University. It was the right place to shine. To not be scared beforehand, to face it. With the bravery, he began to progress,one step after another, closer to his dream.

“I went to ‘Chinchin Music Festival. I went there alone & thankfully,someone from Star Empire Ent. saw me there. It was my starting point .”

At that time,his connection with Star Empire started. He was selected to be a trainee.He raised his capacity as a singer from his trainee days until before their debut.

“I don’t know about the future, but seeing my hard work, I believe that becoming a Ze:A member is a right decision”.


“Actually I’m a person who works hard on his own. Since it seems impossible, I was practicing hard in a little time”.

Now all 9 Ze:A members live in the same dorm. Their schedule takes a lot of time, and they pratice everyday. Our reporter asked about it, because it seemed like there’s no time to be alone. Siwan nodded.

“There’s not only no sleeping time, but the time to be alone isn’t available. Since I’m getting familiar with this kind of life, now I’m learning how to spend time alone(in these situation)”.

Later in the night, he brings his notebook outside. He finds a place with a good wireless connection and sat there. He does online shopping too. He also says that he sometimes read books or just enjoys the time.

“Lately, there’s a book I’ve been reading. It’s called ‘My Head’s Direction’. Since it’s been a pity to finish it, I’ve read it again & again, 3 times (laughs)”. “My Head’s Direction is about minor things in life. It’s about how we overlook things. It’s the kind of book that we read again & again. At first I read it out of curiosity, what was the writer’s idea. But now, I’ve tried to form my thoughts into a brief comment”.

During the interview, he handed out a copy of the book in his heavy bag. We could see in an instance the hard work he put through everyday.

“I have all the comments without leaving even one out. My thought are in order. It helped me a lot while I was changing my mind”.

When he passes the book,we could see some of the comments Siwan wrote.

‘Happiness- The roses are beautiful. People says that even though they are full with thorns. In other words,all the unfortunate things you’re having and the life you’re living now is happiness’.

‘Old Man- Your current appearance= Young, Your future appearance= Old. Young people make evaluation of their achievements in the future. Old people are carrying all the accomplishments from now’.

We asked the hard-working Siwan, who is his role model.

“Lee Seuggi-senior. He received recognition from music industry, acting, entertainment,etc. I’ lacking in many things now, but I want to be someone like him in the future”.

Source: Asiae.co.kr
Translation:aleenick @ Royal 9

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