[NEWS] ZE:A Hot! Debut Diary- Dongjoon

[Hot Debut Diary] ZE:A Dongjoon “Born with talent, never missed 1st place”

“Hello. I’m ZE:A’s (Children of Empire’s) Dongjoon.”

First runner of ZE:A’s Hot Debut Diary interview is Maknae Kim Dongjoon. Somewhat shy at first, he than cheerfully began to tell us his story.

Because he was born the youngest male among two boys in his family, Dongjoon grew receiving much love. “My blood type is B, so I’m suppose to be frightening and sometimes cold.” However in the eyes of the reporter, Dongjoon is just a bubbly and mischievous younger brother.

“As a kid, I loved running around, running until my heel couldn’t touch the ground anymore” (laughs)

He could sum up his childhood in one sentence: “My parents sent me to an art school but I love running around and playing instead of sitting, which caused me to cause a fuss. Haha. Do you know how much it was? I said that I would buy birthday presents for my brother but I went out and played all day long instead. I was to play so I lied. When I think of my mother’s anger from that day, I still laugh.”

This innocent boy dreamed of becoming an athlete after graduating elementary school. With the recommendation and encouragement of this 1st grade homeroom teacher, he started running.

“But my parents’ opposition was too big. My mother was an athlete in school. She opposed my choice because she knew how hard it was. Since I’m her child, I have running skills in my blood. Throughout elementary school, I have never missed first place in games” (laughs)

After that, he received many recommendations to become an athlete. However, due to the much opposition, he was forced to release that dream.

“I was good at running, but I loved soccer the most. I found a soccer club in my middle school’s extracurricular activities. I went out to compete and won, so I really enjoyed it. In fact, I liked soccer and I hated losing because that is my personality. So I practiced very hard without sleeping.”

Dongjoon, whose skin started to turn black because of soccer, started to like music at that time.

“It’s very boring practicing alone you know. So I practiced while listening to my mp3 player. But do you know what is funny? My friend and teachers said that the way that I played soccer is kind of the same as the rhythm of dancing. That was when I really hardly knew anything about dance.” (laughs)

Dongjoon talked about his middle school like a child, however he spoke seriously about high school. “I really studied hard in high school so that I could climb to the top. My hometown is in Busan, right? Our personalities are usually manly and we like to be pull ourselves to the front like real men, that is why I studied really hard, thinking and worrying about my future.”

Young and fresh Dongjoon was worried about his future job and he was determined to become a soldier in the military.

SOURCE: Asiae- Part 1
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

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