[NEWS] 100515 ZE:A Recruited Models for Chicken CF

ZE:A Become Idols: Recruited as Chicken advertisement’s models!

Nine-member pop group ZE:A (Children of Empire)joined the ranks of popular idols after being appointed as the models of a chicken advertisement.

On May 13 ZE:A finished the last shooting for “Mom’s Chicken” CF in Han Studio, Kyeonggi-do. Being appointed as the advertisement model for chicken CFs is proof of popularity for idol groups, such as Girls’ Generation, 2AM, SHINee, Super Junior.

Mom’s Chicken representative stated, “This contract was made after seeing ZE:A active in the promotions for their debut album and the two singles from their second album and the different image they portrayed on music programs and variety shows.”

“Not long ago, there were photos uploaded onto a site of ZE:A eating chicken and playing games with each other. These images left a big impression on us and lead us to cast ZE:A as our exclusive models.”

In the meantime, ZE:A is still active, currently in the middle of promoting “All Day Long.”

SOURCE: Newsen
TRANSLATOR: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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