[NEWS]100512 Moon Jun Young Recovering

ZE:A’s leader Moon Jun Young, who was rushed to the hospital earlier because of fatigue, chills and high fever, is said to be improving.

ZE:A’s agency Star Empire gave a statement, saying “At 11:00am, Moon Jun Young was suffering from severe pains and a high fever and was sent immediately to the emergency room.” “He was treated immediately and fortunately, his condition has improved,” he stated on the 12th.

What about Moon Jun Young’s current status? On a telephone conversation on the 12th, Moon Jun Young was being treated on the 11th and was sleep and get some rest and seems to be better than he was yesterday. Meanwhile, the other ZE:A members were busy filming a chicken CF. Moon Jun Young’s shoot is delayed for another time.

Meanwhile, Moon Jun Young will continue to be monitored to see if he is fit to continue any activities that are schedule for the near schedule. It will be determined if he is healthy enough to participate in the new album’s activities and the Dream Concert, which the other members of ZE:A are currently practicing for. For now, Moon Jun Young is resting.

Credit: Newsen
Translator: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

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