Title: New Star Academy
Author: FAM
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Drama/Angst/Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A story about three friends; MinA, Seulmi and Minyoung. All three of them got accepted to one of the most prestigious school of Arts in Seoul, New Star Academy. There, they met many talented students and amongst those students are popular guy; Kevin, playboy; Heechul, emo kid; Minwoo, bad boy; Dongjun, cheeky diva; Kwanghee, shy boy; Siwan, gominam; Junyoung, playful kid; Hyungsik, joker; Taeheon and many others. Love, trust, friendship and betrayal spark between these students as their stories develop with one another’s.

Disclaimer: The following events and characteristics imposed on the idols are completely fictional. I do not own any of these idols and I don’t mean to disrespect or offend them in any way. The idols’ names/images were merely borrowed and do not represent who the idol is in real life.

Author’s Note: This fanfic is still in the process of writing, I will try and update as often as possible. Please give this fanfic lots of your love, no hate, just love! Feedbacks and constructive criticism are very much welcomed. If you want to be added in the PM list, please don’t be shy and ask! I’ll be glad to PM you every time I update a new chapter. 😀 (Btw, if anyone can help with making the banners, that’ll be so GREAT! :DD) And for those who don’t know why the school is called ‘New Star Academy’, it’s actually derived from ZE:A’s song ‘New Star’.


Year 1
Park MinA |photography|music: singer
Kang Minyoung |dance|music: instruments
Shin Seulmi |acting|dance
Kim Dongjun |gymnastic|dance
Im Siwan |acting|photography
Kim Taeheon |music: rapper
Jeremy Lee | photography

Year 2
Hwang Kwanghee |photography|music: singer
IU |music: singer

Year 3
Kevin Kim |gymnastic|music: singer
Jung Heechul |acting|music: rapper
Ha Minwoo |gymnastic|music: instruments
Moon Junyoung |dance
Park Hyungsik |dance
Minhyuk (CN Blue) | music: instruments
UEE |dance
Tiffany Hwang |acting
Jinon (F.Cuz) | music: rapper

Year1 homeroom teacher: Mr. Kim(TVXQ Jaejoong)
Music – Vocals: Ms. Narsha(BEG)
Music – Instrument: Mr. Choi(FT Jonghun)
Dance: Mr. Lee(SJ Eunhyuk)
Ms. Gahee(AfterSchool)
Photography: Mr. Kwon(G-Dragon)
Gymnastic/PE: Mr. Joon(MBLAQ)
Acting: Mr. Jungmin(SS501)
Ms. Sunny(SNSD)
Discipline Master: Mr. Yang(MBLAQ Seungho)
Principal: Ms. Bom(2NE1)

© FAM 2010. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of FAM.

Coming Soon! its really amazing! And i believe a lot of people will enjoy this fanfic ^^

    • Iguana_Guava
    • May 11th, 2010

    I am soo supporting this! I luv fan fictions! Haha…Heechul as the playboy! Tats Sungmin(my 1st bf)& Ryeowook’s son alrite! Lolz! XD I can’t wait!But only Eunhyuk is from SJ…U should add sumore…like my sungminnie! Lol…and I must Thank u 4 putting Tiffany in tis! She my no.1 idol! I aso suggest putting in some UKiss & BEAST members…(My Soohyun & AJ!)keke! :p Anyways..GOOD LUCK on the fan fic!

    • wanie
    • June 6th, 2010

    the principal??? kang hodong will be…hahah…just joking…love it

    • Kim Haz Qa
    • September 5th, 2010

    Can you add me in this fan fic since i really like Dongjun and Kevin. i’m asking you this since you said not to shy to asks if someone wants to be added in the PM. I’ll wait for it and i hope this fanfic of yours will have an end not like the other fan fics. Kamsahamnida, FIGHTING!

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