[DISCUSS] What do you think of these names?

hey guys we need your input on some fan names.

So far we have these suggested names from our supporting forums (Saranghaeyo) :

1. Royals/Royalz – Number 1 answer so far that I have noticed

2. Imperials/ Imperial Family

3. Orions -we might make Cassies made if we become this. So I’ve heard. Sorry…but I don’t want the red ocean after me lmao.

– a Constellation made up of 9 of the brightest stars

4. ZE:US
– powerful god of all gods

5. Royalists

What do you think about those? And do you have any fan names you want to suggest? If you do then please post some in the topic.

    • Iguana_Guava
    • May 7th, 2010

    Sooooo much better than the last options!!! Royalz all the way!!! but Orions seems nice too! 9 brigtest stars..hmmm… Not Imperials…It’s too long..like Cassies… ZE:US, WOW! haha! Royalist..hmmm,not really tat nice, Royalz is better! I vote, Royalz & Orions!

  1. kee kee kee ^^ I love Royalz too XD those names are fan suggested names ^^ i will make a poll type graph to show how many people like a certain name ^^

  2. i love ze:us the most ;D

    • eunhyukdance
    • May 11th, 2010

    Haha…really? ZEUS! The powerful almighty greek god!! Muahahaha! Lolz!(imitating Zeus if tis really happen)
    Zeus: WAT IS TIS!? Some fanclub is using MY NAME as their fanclub name!!??
    Me: Bu-but…
    Me: *Gives MP3 to Zeus*
    Zeus:*Listening 2 Mazeltov,Love Coach,New Star,All Day Long & Man 2 Man*
    Me: Um…Tis is the group tat the fanclub wants 2 put ur name in…
    Zeus: Hmmm…OK! I allow it! But only if they use ZE:US & not ZEUS…*continues 2 listen 2 ZE:A songs*
    Haha…I write 2 much…

    • Iguana_Guava
    • May 11th, 2010

    Haha! ZE:US is ok…but I say Royalist/Royalz & Orions is sooo much better! I really hope they come up with a suitable & nice name fast!

    • crazykayi
    • May 16th, 2010

    ZE:US, Royalz & Orions sounds nice.
    But to use the name of a god for a fan club may bring much debate?
    I’m sure Cassiopeias won’t mind using another constellation for ZE:A’s fan club, if not, they’re really too petty. xD

    What about “Bloodline”, “Royal Blood” or somewhere along the lines? Something like the fans (being the blood) makes up an important part of ZE:A (royals)? MAJOR LOL. >.<

    • Royal blood XD sounds like Vampires…hmmm i like XD unique and edgy ^^

    • Iguana_Guava
    • June 10th, 2010

    PPL!! THEY JUZT ANNOUNCED THE OFFICIAL FANCLUB NAME 4 ZE:A!! It’s called ZE:A’S or ZE:A’STYLE…SUCK RITE!? Wat happened 2 Royals/Royalist or Orion? I would rather pick ZE:US than ZE:A’S! WTH!? It’s sooo plain…Come on!

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