Type A, Type AB, And Type B’s – ZE:A has a lot of blood

Jun Young – Supression is inhibited. He is the Leader.

Kwang Hee – As for B fan types, fans will not fall for your illusion; kwangyeong ❤ (?)

Kevin – I’m delicate, like type A good girlfriend

Tae Hun – Type A’s do not show that much emotions, Type A is the best blood type because they are real.

TYPE AB – Dual Natured; TYPE AB’s are good to have because they are enriched with emotions.

B brother’s starting to get even. I mean, this is strong solidarity! Type B

Shi Wan = we admire each other, type B is easy to understand!

Hee Chul = I’m self-centered bad boy (laughs). We are good friends with type B or AB.

Min woo = Having Type B hyungs makes life good.

Dong Joon = Kajang~ My Face, I am the youngest (Maknae)!

Credits: translation:  kadajs_angel @ Royal 9
Source: Star Empire Daum


woot woot ^^ They are on ANAN. If you do not know ANAN its is one of the biggest magazines in Japan. Very few Korean Artists appears in ANAN. The kpop artists that appear in ANAN are DBSK, Super Junior, BoA, Shinee, SS501, and Big Bang. Congrats ZE:A ^^ Hwaiting!

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