[RUMOR] Suggested ZE:A fanlist names


2. ZESTINY – ZE:A + Destiny

3. ZE:ST[제스트] – ZE:A + Spicey/Flavorful

4. ZE:AISM[제아니즘] – ZE:A[제국의아이들] + ISM[주의,학설]의 합성어

5. ZINKERBELL – Tinkerbell + Z

6. ZE:A’S[제아스 / 제아스타일]  –  ① ZE:A + Style or ZE:A+ Is

7. ZE:A LAND[제아랜드]

8. ZENITH[제니스]

9. ZESIS[제아시스] – ZE:A+ OASIS[오아시스]

10. ZESTY[제스티]


of course international fans are going crazy over it. And we are kinda protesting these names. The names international fans where mentioning are:


Things I have a problem with:

– The name orion is also a name for Japan’s Toplist right? I do not want to run into copyright issues. Also Orion costellation was created to remember a guy who was an amazing greek hunter who was killed by giants which means he was defeated and I do not want our name to have to link from someone;s defeat. I don’t know maybe I’m thinking about it too much. LOL but i mean its better to think about it and create a random name that doesn’t make since.
– ZENNITH – Isn’t that a name of an electronic company? Won’t we run into copyright issues?

    • kvue
    • April 27th, 2010

    I feel i like royal better.
    It was an issue for the boys to have their Name as ZE:A. and its actually Oricon that is the name of the chart. But either way. I don’t really know how Orion relates to ZE:A? anyone mind to tell me?

    • its made of nine stars and its the third brightest constellation…which is pretty much copying DBSK…T^T

    • cahgkadjf
    • May 3rd, 2010

    hmmm what about royalty?!? not that much different from royal though but if i think of more i’ll post~
    ooh btw i don’t think we should make cassies mad >.< ppl are already accusing ze:a of copying dbsk o.O for some reason….

    • I know. lmao i think we should go with Royalz. It’s still the same as Royals ^^ it was a suggestion but a lot of people have been telling me not to include orion because of cassies. Maybe i should take that out.

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