[NEWS] 2010.04.10 ZE:A ‘Day’ Surprise Comeback, from Boys to Men

ZE:A comeback performance

ZE: A (Children of the Empire) performed on MBC Show! Music Core (MC Tiffany and Yuri) that aired on April 10 with their title track “All Day Long” from their 2nd single “Leap for Denotation.

‘All Day Long’ hit maker is a song of Brave Brother. It’s about the breakup with someone you love, longing and regret for those who have gone, which is well equipped with an addictive chorus, is very attractive.

Children of Empire was given a short hair style, which is a change from what they previously had with their debut song “MAZELTOV.” And from the waist down, a more masculine flavor was noted in their wardrobe. The boys returned as men in Children of Empire, and will stand out this April to represent the music industry.

Meanwhile, the Show! Music center around, in addition to Children of Empire, “Hip Song (hipsong) and “Song to Grab You” from Rain (real name Jung Ji Joon), “Let’s Do It” and “Bang!” from After School, “Magic” from Secret, had also taken stage for their comebacks.

Also “Run Devil Run” of the Girls’ Generation, “You crazy” of T-ARA, “Lupin” of KARA, “I Did Wrong” of 2AM, “SHOCK “ of BEAST, K.Will – Present ft. Joon Hyung (BEAST), “Run” of Epik High, “Magic” by One Way along with other artists performed that night.

Yieonhyeok leeuh@newsen.com

SOURCE: Newsen

CREDIT: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9


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