[NEWS]2010.04.07 ZE:A’s Promotional Bus in Bangkok

Recently, ZE:A went to Bangkok, Thailand for the Mnet Show, D-NA brown eyed girls, and others were very warmly welcomed and rookie group ZE:A is also popular in Thailand.

Last March, their song “MAZELTOV” was released in Thailand and along with this promotional campaigns were made such as posters, album jackets and promotional buses with a huge poster of them on it.

Star Empire said that this bus has been gaining a lot of attention in Bangkok and everywhere ZE:A goes there are always local fans around showing a good response to ZE:A.

They are also impressed with the reaction of fans with the touring bus and despite being only a rookie they are very impressed with the overseas love they have garnered.

Meanwhile, ZE:A will be performing later today April 8 at M!Countdown for their first comeback performance after releasing their album “Leap for Detonation”.

Source: Star News
Credit: Blueprincess824 @ DailyKpopNews
Scavenger: pixie_noona91 @ Royal 9

  1. oppa are doing big things ^_^
    hwaiting oppas and dongsaengs lol

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